Getting Away from Screen

I’m busy, way too busy. Partly, this is my own fault. I’m starting too many projects at the moment, and there’s a lot of client work going on as well. As the weather is terrible at the moment (storm, rain, cold), I don’t feel much urge to go to the garden either. Lucky me, my other half is more persistent. When we were there again yesterday afternoon, although brief, I really feel I needed it.

Getting away from screen is so beneficial. The weather turned out really nice, and the smell of the earth this time of year is unbeatable.

Gardening keeps you sane

I have been a gardener, as long as I recall. As a kid I used to grow lots of plants in my bedroom. At some point I even wanted to take horticultural education. But instead, I went to graphical design school and worked in the printing industry for years.

At some point, I established a webshop in organic gardening. Unfortunately, the 2008 financial crisis made me go back to my old profession in graphic design, combined with web design.

I still love gardening, and it now helps me break away from the computer and empty my mind. Also: free exercise!