100 days

Today was my lucky day

Today must be my lucky day. I received two emails this morning saying I received a scholarship. One is to attend a conference in Berlin. The other one is a UX writing course. 

So how does this work?

Well, being an older woman in tech is not always an advantage. Therefore, people define it as an underrepresented group. For underrepresented groups in tech, there are diversity funds and scholarships available. An as I’m an eager learner on a limited budget, I apply for them. If you think it applies to you, check out the Diversity Tickets website or  DiversifyTech.co.

The Amsterdam WordPress Community

Today I’m organising the second Amsterdam WordPress Meetup this year. The community has been dead since 2016, which is a shame. Earlier this year, at WordCamp Europe, I ran into some people from Amsterdam I hadn’t met before. This was a good reason to start organising the drinks. The goal was to reactivate the community. 

And it worked! 

In July, 35 people showed up. Today, we have 32 attendees. I have 4 sponsors that offered financial help. So in 2020, I will organise more substantive Meetups. Looking forward to see how this evolves and will hopefully get more people involved.

Too many challenges

How many challenges can one execute at the same time? I was about to start my 100 Days Of Code Challenge, one I’ve been doing since January 1st 2019. Obviously not daily, as we’re at day 289 now. The goal for the writing however, is to do it daily. But I nearly forgot it today. 

They idea of daily habits, like coding, writing or even chores around the house is, that you start doing them without thinking. They incorporate in your routine, like eating, sleeping, taking a shower. Not quite there yet with writing. Especially when there’s no given topic.

Writer’s block already

It’s the fourth day of writing, and I’m starting to feel writer’s block. 

Or maybe, that’s not it. 

I have plenty of topics to cover. No, I just can’t decide whether this should be diary style, or more work related. I guess it’s going to be a bit of both.

There are a lot of ideas in my head, the thing now is to start prioritising what to focus on. I’m starting up a cool international network of UX professionals with Cathi Bosco and Jackie D’Elia, called UX All the Things. That may be first priority for the next months.

The morning after

It’s the Monday morning after Paris. There are 6(!) tax envelopes on my desk. I’m installing the latest macOS Catalina. How’s your Monday going? 

Yesterday, I posted a tweet I was starting a list of 45 over 45 in tech. Boy, that got more attention than I expected. There is a reason why I posted this though. 100 words are not enough to explain, so I will get back to that soon. 

The most interesting thing is, that many people want to be on this list, without knowing me or what my intentions with the list are. I wonder why.