100 days

Going out

Live concerts for me have always been a fun way to go out. Ever since I was 15, I went out to the city with some friends to watch bands. Usually, these were unknown indie bands, who’d play for an audience around 20-30 people.

To be honest, that’s still a size I prefer. I was at a festival the other week, that held thousands of people. It was so crowded! As I grow older, I can handle this less and less. 

Fortunately, there are loads of bands that do not attract the crowds, so still plenty of fun nights ahead!

Gardening keeps you sane

I have been a gardener, as long as I recall. As a kid I used to grow lots of plants in my bedroom. At some point I even wanted to take horticultural education. But instead, I went to graphical design school and worked in the printing industry for years.

At some point, I established a webshop in organic gardening. Unfortunately, the 2008 financial crisis made me go back to my old profession in graphic design, combined with web design.

I still love gardening, and it now helps me break away from the computer and empty my mind. Also: free exercise!

Not enough hours in a day

These days, my energy is limited. I wake up from a deep coma every morning and the limited daylight we now get, is not enough for me. Besides, I have too many plans I want to execute, starting up collaborations, lots of things I want to learn. Oh and client work as well. Which is important, since it pays the bills.

What if energy was unlimited? What if time was abundant?

I guess I can only dream of that, because this is never going to happen. In the meantime, I’ll try and cope with whatever limits life has for me.

No clean desk policy

I’m not very good at maintaining a clean desk. At some point, papers pile up. Especially when I’ve been travelling. I think the main problem with this is, that I don’t have dedicated space for some things.

Last weekend, I got myself a new desk. I finally replaced the old dining table, that once belonged to my partner’s grandparents, and had been serving as a desk for over a year.

This was a good opportunity to clean the piles of papers too. Let’s see for how long I can keep it clean. Because it is nicer to work this way.

Back to javascript basics

I’ve abandoned the React course I was learning. One of my basic rules of learning to code is that it should be fun. And I’m not having fun. I don’t want to abandon learning Javascript completely. So I’m back with FreeCodeCamp to learn the basics. 

I’m trying to find the reason why I don’t like it. Although I am an abstract thinker, I get the feeling I used to have with math in high school: I miss the purpose. At least with CSS, I immediately see the result of what I do. 

That makes it frustrating and hard to understand.