I have a very sensitive nose. This sometimes makes travelling in public transport a problem. Fast food combined with overperfumed people and sweat. 

I remember having business appointments in the morning, shaking hands with men who had just poured aftershave all over them, leaving residue on their hands. I would smell it hours after they left. 

What a blessing is working from home. Although cat litter can sometimes be a bit overwhelming too. I really love those scents you have in saunas: mint, eucalyptus, rosemary. I now one of these aroma diffusers, that distribute essential oil. Would it improve productivity?

Getting Away from Screen

I’m busy, way too busy. Partly, this is my own fault. I’m starting too many projects at the moment, and there’s a lot of client work going on as well. As the weather is terrible at the moment (storm, rain, cold), I don’t feel much urge to go to the garden either. Lucky me, my other half is more persistent. When we were there again yesterday afternoon, although brief, I really feel I needed it.

Getting away from screen is so beneficial. The weather turned out really nice, and the smell of the earth this time of year is unbeatable.

Winter Blues

I have a hard time getting started these days. Is it because Daylight Saving Time has ended? Usually, I suffer more from this in spring, since we have 1 hour of sleep less. I takes me 3 days to adapt and people laugh at me when I say this. 

I’ve also noticed a pattern where I’m always really tired at the beginning of November. I used to get my blood tested a few years in a row, only to find out that everything was fine. 

I guess it’s the Winter Blues kicking in again. Only 5 months left before Spring.

Learning new things

Arrived at Day 89 of my 100 Days Of Code Challenge. It’s still a struggle learning Javascript. I’m not really enjoying this type of programming. CSS was much more fun. I’m also doing a UX writing course, that I enjoy a lot more.

In general, I think it’s important to keep learning, it doesn’t have to be code. I recently read an article saying it’s a huge advantage when you’re self taught. This gave me an enormous confidence boost. Because before, I would feel like an amateur and explain why I wasn’t officially schooled in web design, programming and UX.

WordCamp US, 2019 in St. Louis

This weekend, one of the largest WordPress Conferences, WordCamp US 2019, was held in St. Louis. While I experienced gigantic FOMO, I was happy that I stayed at home. The cost of attending this conference would eat up too much of my budget. Besides, the time it would cost me and fatigue because of jet lag, would result in fewer billable hours. Something I cannot afford at the moment.

It looked like an amazing conference, and I’m going to see if I can make it next year. Especially since I’m teaming up with two lovely women from the US now.